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  • Listening to: Atom Bomb: Fluke
  • Reading: the back of a Dole juice carton
  • Watching: Television Static
  • Playing: Fallout 3 and LBP <3
  • Eating: too much or not enough. xc
  • Drinking: Orange, Strawberry, Banana juice...100% fruit lol
OKAI people.......I know I have been a bit dry lately with art on here and well thats soon going to change. Been trying to finish up a few little art projects with my schedule of trying to manage with college and deal with petty requests I have gotten from here and there..........many not proud of doing but hey.....I and as well with trying to keep myself in decent physical shape as well.  ; 3 ;   

As through minor stresses too have held me back dealing with relationships and on and off depression. *BIG SMILES*

SoooOOO0000OOOooooo.... now I find myself drowing that away with tea. LOL <3

As well just sent off meh portfolio to CALARTS..... and hurray I am now happy to say I am well........bit nervous.
I hope I make it in for Character Animation, honestly I miss California.....

As well been working on a short animation that...OMG.....makes more sence then the dopey one that I did during CSSSA.  x<

So yeah....umm yeah........ heres the tl;dr option if you all wish.

Lifes been a bit(very actually) shitty, been busy, made stuff, applyed to CalArts, and will be posting more soon.  :1  

So there you have it see y'all at Superjail.  c:  <3

TDI spoiler: Owen wins     xD
  • Listening to: Maybe I'm a Lion by: Nobuo Uematsu
  • Reading: instructions
  • Watching: time fly
  • Playing: with a quarter
  • Eating: white rabbit candy
  • Drinking: WAAAAHTAAAAH!
Well the program that I am attending is soon coming to an end and begin on scanning a lot of things that I have made over the past month. = 3 =   

So once I finish up here it will soon begin once I am back there in my little room in my weird and oddly built house messing with photoshop hours on end and hopefully posting something that I wount be ashamed of deleting. :3
  • Listening to: Arezou by: Niyaz
  • Reading: My schedule
  • Watching: russian animations
  • Playing: GTA4
  • Eating: an apple
  • Drinking: TEA!!!!!
Well I have been busy with school and now animation program that I am attending out here in California, I have been really busy with projects and such and soon after August the 8th I will be posting all my stuff up because right now....sadly....I has no scanner!  ; 3 ;    

But I have seen improvement in myself which leads me to soon be posting up again....and this time with 45% less negativity.     c:    

So far expect 2 animations and a decent handful of drawings soon to be posted.  

As for now.......see you all later and if your in the Valencia area in California and wish to meet up just send me a note and I can make arrangements.  :3
  • Listening to: my grandma snoring
  • Reading: college applications
  • Watching: House
  • Playing: Assassains Creed
  • Eating: Alchan
  • Drinking: Green tea
got 300 page views and in this short of time.....wewt. :1      

Well I am going to be posting more up soon putting up peices that were progressives and such and soon posting up something finished for once. Yeps, trying to do all i can with school and all dat B.S.   

Well has fun i guess n all of that such.
Off practicing and all people. x3   

  • Listening to: ASFALT TANGO by: Fanfare Ciocarlia
  • Reading: Anatomy books and PhotoShop Tutourials
  • Watching: My grandma bitch at everything
  • Playing: Orange Box : Half Life 2
  • Eating: Udon Noodles
  • Drinking: Pomegranite soda
Well..... still I am here trying to build upon what little foundations that I am on trying to improve and hopefully by when i get to college I can be able to present something better then what I am offering right now. People always say that we have our limits in life and well I wish to be breaking them. So please people critique me or offer advise really I have to admit over time having to hear the common " OhShit its hawt I would fuck that crosseyed" really gets annoying.    

But yes.... umm well that is all, critiques and advise are welcome.  

That is all...umm thank you.    

P.S.  ~ 100pg views! * pulls out the guitar hero to celebrate* WOOT! <3